Is Cultural Competence Training a Solution to Structural Racism in Health Care?

By Sunita Mutha, MD, FACP

One of my passions in my work here at Healthforce Center at UCSF is advancing culturally competent care for all patients. Having served on multiple panels and boards, including the Joint Commission’s Expert Advisory Panel to develop standards for culturally competent care, I believe this is one central solution to dismantling structural racism and achieving health equity.

Increasing Access to HIV Prevention Medication

By Jackie Miller

Special acknowledgement to Maria Lopez for her contributions to this article.

Health Care Systems 101: How Does the US Compare with Other Countries?

by Jackie Miller Open enrollment season is now upon us, and this year’s associated changes and confusion demonstrate Americans’ and lawmakers’ wide-ranging opinions on health care policy.

The Affordable Care Act’s Bipartisan Support

by Igor Geyn

The Affordable Care Act is personal for me. As a young adult under the age of 26, ACA allows me to stay on my parents' insurance plan. Though I've been lucky to avoid costly medical treatment, the coverage has provided me with peace of mind and delivered thousands of dollars in savings.

I am not alone in a country of millions of similarly positioned young adults, individuals with conditions that would be labeled "pre-existing," and hardworking Americans for whom Medicaid coverage means not spending over half of their income on health insurance.