Training for Health Care Leaders

71% of Clinic Leadership Institute alumni advanced to a more senior role or position within a year of completing training; half of all these moved into executive leadership positions.
Healthcare leaders looking at a Healthforce Center instructor talk about leadership in healthcare.
Leadership is the driving force for change. We prepare health care leaders for the challenges they face through dynamic, evidence-based and experiential training. Individually and collectively, these leaders are transforming health care. 

Why is Leadership in Healthcare Important?

Leaders in healthcare who have completed experiential, industry-specific healthcare leadership training programs are better equipped to drive progress in their organizations and throughout the health care system. Informed leaders can help shape the future of health care.

Who are Leaders in Health Care?

Health care leaders run the gamut and include early career managers, nurses, physicians, behavioral health workers, CEOs and more from community clinics, health plans, hospitals and other settings.

Who are Healthforce Center's Leaders?

Our experienced management team is nationally recognized for its extensive knowledge of the health care environment, research landscape, and leadership training in both the public and private sectors. At Healthforce Center, we have assembled an extensive team of researchers and leadership experts with a diversity of perspectives and experiences to provide the research and training solutions you need.

Our Programs

Healthforce Center offers a variety of training programs for individuals and teams working in health care.

Leadership Highlight

Healthforce Center at UCSF leadership development participants applause at Clinic Leadership Institute

Healthforce Center's executive leadership development program prepares leaders of California community clinics to be agents of change.

Customized Solutions

Healthforce Center provides customized solutions tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Featured Testimonial

In order to do transformational work, many of us have to first undergo an inner transformation.
Geoffrey Leung, MD, EdM
Ambulatory Medical Director and Chief of Family Medicine, Riverside University Health System
CHCF Health Care Leadership Fellow
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