Workforce in General

Many of the issues and topics we study at Healforce Center relate to mutliple and overlapping categories of professions.


Rural Access to Leadership Development in California: Needs and Opportunities

Nationwide experts on rural health assert that leadership training would benefit health and health care in rural communities.

Policy Considerations for Routine Screening for Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)

In October of 2021, California mandated commercial insurance coverage of screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in addition to ACEs...

Class, Employment, and the US Health Care System

In 1970, health care constituted 7% of gross domestic product, but now represents nearly 20%.

Configuration and Delivery of Primary Care in Rural Settings

There are concerns about the capacity of rural primary care due to potential workforce shortages and patients with disproportionately more...

Geriatric Medicine: Restraints and Immobility (Chapter 118)

Pathy’s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, Sixth Edition delivers a comprehensive overview of the subject, offering up-to-...