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Yearlong Community Clinic Initiative, "Managing to Leading," Kicks Off at Cedars-Sinai

February 22, 2016

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is sponsoring an intensive leadership development program for local community clinic managers, hoping to prepare a pipeline of leaders well-equipped to guide their organizations through a challenging new healthcare landscape. The 29 participants in the "Managing to Leading" program will create and execute high-value organizational projects designed to improve their clinics' effectiveness in improving the health of the community. Cedars-Sinai selected Healthforce Center at UCSF to conduct the program's kickoff, which started Feb. 17. Over the next year, the community clinic participants will learn about leading in a time of change, get an in-depth look at the needs of Los Angeles' healthcare safety net, and focus on related topics in healthcare.

"Community health centers face unprecedented challenges while serving more people than ever before," said Dr. Sunita Mutha, director of Healthforce Center. "Programs like Managing to Leading serve as health care leadership accelerators. Time and again, we've seen that strong leaders create healthy communities."

Erin Lanahan, associate director of Cedars-Sinai Community Benefit Giving Office, said, "We can help make a difference by bringing community clinic leaders together and providing this type of resource to further strengthen the safety net in Los Angeles." For more information, please see Cedars-Sinai's press release or our Cedars-Sinai program page.