Oral Health Workforce

With more than 20 years of expertise, Healthforce Center is at the forefront of research insights into the oral health workforce. Our studies include research on emerging models of oral health care, diversity in dentistry, and scope of practice.


Authorization Status of Dental Therapists by State, 2024

Dental therapists (DTs) are primary dental care practitioners that have been deployed in many countries around the world.

Systematically Assessing the Quality of Dental Electronic Health Record Data for an Investigation into Oral Health Care Disparities

Objectives: This work describes the process by which the quality of electronic health care data for a public health study was determined.

Patients’ Experiences of Dental Diagnostic Failures: A Qualitative Study Using Social Media

Objective: Despite the many advancements made in patient safety over the past decade, combating diagnostic errors (DEs) remains a crucial, yet...

Quality Measure Adherence and Oral Health Outcomes in Children

IMPORTANCE: Process-based quality measures are generally intended to promote evidence-based practices that have been proven to improve outcomes....

Flavored Tobacco and Nicotine Use Among California Adolescents: Preferences by Use Experience and Survey Format Effects

This study assessed flavored tobacco use among adolescent e-cigarette, cigarette, cigar, hookah, and smokeless tobacco users; specific e-cigarette...