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Group photo of cohort 6 of the Cedars-Sinai Managing to Leading Program, May 2023

Introducing the New Cohort of the Managing to Leading Program

May 2, 2023

Healthforce Center at UCSF is pleased to announce the sixth cohort of the Cedars-Sinai’s Community Clinic Initiative: Managing to Leading (M2L) program. Funded by Cedars-Sinai and administered by Healthforce Center, this program develops emerging leaders to foster the knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively lead change and improve health care delivery.

These 32 clinicians and administrative staff who work in community health centers and other safety-net organizations in Los Angeles will learn about the specific needs and priorities of Los Angeles's health care safety net and gain skills to lead change in this complex health care environment.

Tom Priselac, president and CEO of Cedars-Sinai, in his message to the last graduating cohort of M2L, said, “Compassionate managers are indispensable to the delivery of care. Leadership becomes exponentially more important during times of change. In the Managing to Leading program, you refine the passion, empathy, social skills, and adaptability that equips you to support teammates in handling the unexpected. A committed manager is indispensable to their teammates, clinics, and the people they serve. Remember that as leaders, we lead with integrity and heart, or we don’t lead at all.”

Managing to Leading Program, Cohort 6 (Class of 2023-24)

  • Remedios (Remmy) Amigon, Site Dental Director, AltaMed Health Services
  • Erik Bravo, IT Supervisor, South Central Family Health Center
  • Allan Dam, Area Director, Garfield Health Center
  • Jennifer Dominguez, Clinic Director, AltaMed Health Services
  • Stephanie Espinosa-Robles, Clinical Supervisor, Wesley Health Centers, JWCH Institute, Inc.
  • Maria Esqueda, Certified Medical Assistant, UMMA Community Clinic
  • Sarah Gabagat, Site Manager, Los Angeles LGBT Center
  • Veronica Garcia, Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor, Saban Community Clinic
  • Laura Gonzalez, Dental Supervisor, AltaMed Health Services
  • James Guardado, Clinic Manager, St. John's Community Health
  • Valencia Haralson, Clinic Manager, St. John's Community Health
  • Kamini Lad, Program Manager, Venice Family Clinic
  • Pattie Lopez, Health Insurance Program Manager, Venice Family Clinic
  • Rosario Mares, Clinic Manager, Asian Pacific Health Care Venture
  • Alejandra Mata, Associate Director of Health Equity, Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  • Edlyn Miranda Martinez, Clinic Manager, St. John's Community Health
  • Andrew Monson, Senior Director, Grants and Programs, Eisner Health
  • Kassandra Mora Miranda, Medical Biller, UMMA Community Clinic
  • Stephanie Ocampo, Referrals and Medical Records Supervisor, Queenscare Health Centers
  • Corina Pacheco, LVN/MA Supervisor, South Central Family Health Center
  • Jessica Perez, Behavioral Health Clinical Program Manager, Wesley Health Centers, JWCH Institute, Inc.
  • Jessica Polio, Supervisor, Eisner Health
  • Juan Rivera, Program Manager, Wesley Health Centers, JWCH Institute, Inc.
  • Candice Rowland, Health IT Programs Manager, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
  • Amanda Ruiz, Senior Public Health Manager, Clínica Romero
  • April Sanchez, Clinic Manager, Center for Family Health and Education
  • Marleny Sanchez, Enhanced Care Management Administrator, South Central Family Health Center
  • Yvette Sims, Director of Operations, Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
  • Miguel Topete, Wellness Coordinator, To Help Everyone Health and Wellness Centers
  • Mindy Truong, General Dentist, Wilmington Community Clinic
  • Amy Vega, Health Center Manager, Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley
  • Ashley Villegas, Clinic Coordinator, Westside Family Health Center

The Managing to Leading Program will begin recruiting its next cohort in January 2024. Learn more about the program and sign up for the Healthforce Center newsletter to get program announcements.