Meeting Nursing Supply Challenges in Illinois

Healthforce Center Faculty Joanne Spetz weighs in on nurse supply and demand issues for the state of Illinois. Read about the retiring workforce and increased demands from the Baby Boomers. 

Hospitals Outsource RN Hiring

“It's like we simultaneously have a shortage and a surplus, and that's weird,” said Joanne Spetz. Read more about nursing supply and demand issues here. 

Physician Workforce Shortage Persists in Areas of California

Healthforce Center Faculty Janet Coffman was interviewed on KQED regarding the last pediatrician on the Mendocino Coast. Rural communities are increasingly struggling to find providers willing to...

Hitachi Partners with Healthforce on Medical Assistants

As part of the Health Care Team Redesign Initiative, the Hitachi Foundation and Healthforce Center convened a workshop last week at the UCSF campus. The meeting focused on ways to develop training...

California Vaccine Bill Signed into Law

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law Senate Bill 277, which requires almost all California school children to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school. CHCF Health Care...

Coverage to Expand for California''s Undocumented Children

Healthforce Center Faculty Janet Coffman weighs in on California’s plans to expand coverage for undocumented children. Dr. Coffman noted that parents may delay needed care for their child due to fear...

2.5 million more long-term care workers needed by 2030

A new study from Healthforce Center Faculty Joanne Spetz projects that the US will need 2.5 million more long-term care workers by 2030. 

Alumni named Alameda Health System CEO

Change Agent Program (CAP) alumni Delveccio Finley appointed CEO of Alameda Health System.

Gender pay gap persists in nursing wages

Healthforce Center Faculty Ulrike Muench was featured in the New York Times for her study on wage disparities among male and female nurses. Her study reveals that men still earn more than women in...

Barriers Persist for Oral Care Access

Healthforce Center Faculty Elizabeth Mertz weighed in on the the demand for oral health services in California. Hear the report.