My Vote. Our Health.

Project Goal: To increase civic engagement among approximately 175 AltaMed physicians by increasing their civic engagement activities by Summer 2020.

Improving Mental Health for Children of Military Families in Contra Costa County

Project Goal: To engage community organizations to identify the needs and create mental health solutions for children of military families.

The Hearing Connection: Improving and Increasing Access and Quality of Hearing Health Care to Individuals Experiencing or At Risk of Homelessness

Project Goal: To pilot a program through a partnership with Project Homeless Connect that would improve and increase both access and quality of hearing healthcare for homeless individuals. Ultimately, to use the impact-based results/outcomes of this program model to replicate and scale statewide.

CLINICAL KEY: Med School Application Guidance for Underrepresented in Medicine

Project Goal: To measure the number of students in this undergraduate or post-baccalaureate UIM cohort that gain acceptance to medical school or other healthcare professional programs. 

Meeting Acute Care Patients’ Behavioral Health and Social Needs through Multi-Disciplinary Partnership

Project Goal: Sustain and expand the ZSFG Social Medicine program by September 2020 via a) Securing $2M in financial support to grow team; b) Investing in staff engagement and professional development, and assessing measures of teamwork and engagement; c) Developing new internal and external cross-sector partners to expand service delivery – e.g., housing + substance use linkage; d) Scaling this team-based model of care to ZSFG inpatient and psychiatric units, and 1 outside hospital; e) Tracking # patients served, # admissions/readmissions averted, % reduction in return ED visits, % reducti

Busting the Visit Buster: A Tele-Behavioral Health Intervention for Managing Acute Psychosocial Crises in Primary Care

Project Goal: To improve access to needed behavioral health services for patients and reduce the frequency of providers reporting unmet need for same-day behavioral health services for complex psychosocial issues.

Equity in SCPMG Physician Leadership

Project Goal: Develop, socialize and utilize a Diversity Dashboard to benchmark, goal set and create accountability to increase representation of Female Stipend Physician Leaders in Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG). 

Spreading ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care at Santa Rosa Community Health

Project Goal: The goal of the project was to train all staff at Santa Rosa Community Health on Trauma-Informed Care and ACEs screening and to begin universal ACEs screening by 2021.

Multi-Division High-Utilizer Case Management Pilot

Project Goal: To analyze Contra Costa County’s 175,708 Medi-Cal eligible county residents as of June 2018 and run models to identify the predictors of avoidable hospital utilization over a 13 month period. Predictors considered are insurance status, race/ethnicity, age, history of detention, marital status, sex, living alone/social isolation, history of homelessness, and English speaking.

Tackling Health Equity by Creating A Payor-Funded Community Doula Program for HealthNet

Project Goal: To reduce the disparities in birth outcomes for African American women in Los Angeles through a pilot program using community based doulas.