Registered Nurses

 A male registered nurse in scrubs walking down a room in a hospital.

Healthforce Center is a leading source of research insights into the nursing workforce. For more than two decades we have conducted studies and surveys of the nursing workforce, including supply and demand, training requirements, nurse specialties and scope of practice regulations. 

Surveys and Demographic Data in Nursing

Healthforce Center researchers have conducted numerous surveys and studies of advanced practice registered nurses, including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists and nurse anesthetists. This research has examined:

  • The impact of state scope-of-practice regulations on the savings achieved by retail clinics, the availability of nurse practitioners to care for vulnerable populations
  • Nurse practitioner and nurse midwife use of health information technology
  • The factors that affect rural nurse practitioners including job satisfaction and intention to remain in rural areas

Why is nursing leadership important? As the health care system continues to undergo rapid change, the nature of nurses’ roles are changing as well.


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