Physician practice is changing rapidly due to the emergence of new care models and payment incentives. At Healthforce Center, we are examining the roles of physicians in an evolving health care system. 


CIN Toolkit: Three Strategies to Help Primary Care Teams Treat Substance Use Disorders

This document is a guide for primary care organizations and care teams working to integrate substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services.

CIN Connections, Fall 2018: Integrating Primary Care and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Ensuring that Californians have timely access to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment that is appropriately linked to their physical health care...

California’s Physician Assistants: How Scope of Practice Laws Impact Care

Physician assistants (PAs) — state-licensed health professionals who practice medicine in collaboration with physicians and other providers —...

Breaking Barriers for Underrepresented Minorities in the Health Professions

In spite of the United States’ racial and ethnic diversity, the health care workforce remains predominately white, particularly in professions...