Physician practice is changing rapidly due to the emergence of new care models and payment incentives. At Healthforce Center, we are examining the roles of physicians in an evolving health care system. 


Language-Concordant Care: A Qualitative Study Examining Implementation of Physician Non-English Language Proficiency Assessment

Clinicians who speak the language of the patients they care for can help increase access to care and improve patient health outcomes.

"Long Overdue": Nurse and Resident Physician Perspectives on Implementation of Dual-Handset Interpreter Phones in the Inpatient Setting

Patients with language barriers suffer significant health disparities, including adverse events and poor health outcomes.

Rural-Urban Prescribing Patterns by Primary Care and Behavioral Health Providers in Older Adults with Serious Mental Illness

Older adults with serious mental illness (SMI) often have multiple comorbidities and complex medication schedules.

Physician and Nurse Practitioner Teamwork and Job Satisfaction: Gender and Profession

Designing interprofessional primary care teams composed of physicians and nurse practitioners (NPs) is a national priority.

A Toolkit to Advance Racial Health Equity in Primary Care Improvement

The California Improvement Network (CIN) is focused on effectively integrating equity into health care improvement projects.