LEAP to Improvements

Project Goal: To improve patient experience and quality of care in more than one clinic within San Mateo Medical Center using Lean principles.

Physician Assistants Putting Prevention into Practice

Project Goal: To help 50% of physician assistants practicing in primary care offices in California demonstrate a clear understanding of recommended preventive services as defined by post-testing after training by the end of 2015.

Mindfulness Training for Physicians: Can it Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores?

Project Goal: To further evaluate whether mindfulness training for our physicians can lead to a improved physician morale and focus, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

Autism Assessment Center of Excellence

Project Goal: To maximize the quality of life for Autism Spectrum Disorder children in the Inland Empire and their families by providing every child with access to a collaborative, organized, integrated and Trans-Disciplinary Assessment/Treatment resource for Autism.

Web Based Rehabilitation for the Connected Surgical Patient

Project Goal: To determine to what extent asynchronous video tools can replace in-person outpatient visits such as physical therapy following total knee replacement while lowering costs, optimizing resource allocation, and maintaining quality outcomes.

Outpatient Specialty Care Improvements

Project Goal: To provide timely and quality outpatient specialty care services to all Olive View–UCLA Medical Center patients and improve our overall customer satisfaction.

Together We Grow: Developing a New Nurse Home Visiting Program

Project Goal: To improve health, optimize child development, and strengthen resilience and self-sufficiency for high-risk families by providing public health nurse home visiting.

Designing a Learning Health Organization for Collective Impact using REACH

Project Goal: A high performing, learning health organization that successfully implements "collective impact" approaches to complex community health problems.

Development of a Patient Advisory Board in a Community Health Center

Project Goal: To develop and sustain a Patient Advisory Board by September of 2014.

Building a Business Intelligence and Data Governance Strategy

Project Goal: To create a business intelligence strategy with a data governance ecosystem that is sustainable, accountable, and foundational to building a data-driven organization.